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Welcome to Apex Paragliding School, 2014 Season

Paragliding means easy footlaunch aviation!
You arrive at a hillside flying site, unfold your flying machine from its rucksack, and after a few minutes you can join the birds, flying and soaring above beautiful countryside... no hassle, noise or distractions... just you and the elements ... You're in control of your own aircraft, using air currents to glide around in the freedom of the sky ...
This is paragliding!
Let us introduce you to this wonderful sport on the beautiful Sussex South Downs - a perfect environment for safe, progressive paragliding lessons ... Apex Paragliding offers a friendly approach to paragliding, with small tuition groups and a

range of perfectly located sites; we are a British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered School -our instructors have been teaching and offering tandem flights on the South Downs in Sussex for nearly 24 years.
Courses run most days of the week, most weeks of the year - and you can book your days to fit into your own schedule. Tandem flights run throughout the main Season - Easter to September.

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Our Courses...

TASTER EXPERIENCES: We offer tandem flights, single day or two day tasters for those wishing to try out paragliding - these experiences also make an excellent gift idea - we offer vouchers for all of our courses. Tandem flights and taster days are also an excellent way to experience paragliding if you're thinking of taking it up but a little unsure of what to expect.

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FULL COURSES: As well as paragliding taster days and tandem flights, we offer the full BHPA Elementary Pilot (EP) Course, designed to cover the basics of paragliding and get you up and flying solo in around 5 days (they don't have to be consecutive). Click here for more details of what to expect on our Taster Days, Courses and Tandem Flights, or click here to book now!


About Apex Paragliding School
APEX is a full-time paragliding training school, based on the South Downs near Brighton, around an hour's drive from London. Sussex is one of the friendliest paragliding environments in the UK - rounded, grassy hills and beautiful countryside lend themselves to paragliding, and range from gentle training slopes to 700-foot hills which allow spectacular height gains of thousands of feet to qualified pilots, including famous sites like Devil’s Dyke, Bo Peep, Firle and Ditchling Beacon.
In addition to teaching, we supply the equipment you will need to become a safe, qualified paraglider pilot; we are agents for all major brands. Our secure online shop stocks a range of books and DVDs about paragliding (
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In the 2015 season, we hope to start offering specialised Koch winch training on selected weekends, in addition to our usual hill-based training.